TFS Food Leaders Series

 The Food Leaders Series is a webinar series designed to inform and encourage those who want alternatives to the modern industrial food system.  In the Food Leaders Series, we’ll talk to authors, farmers, activists, and speakers about their work to help reform the way that we raise, acquire, and prepare our food.

Our webinars are generally on Monday nights at 9:00 PM ET.  You may find details on each webinar via the links below.


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[accordion title=”Food Leaders Series Intro“]

Jason Matyas and son on farm Food Leaders Series IntroJuly 30th, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

Founder Jason Matyas introduces the Food Leaders Series with some challenging thoughts about the challenges and solutions needed to create real reform of the food system.  Attendee questions are fielded, and contributions from the audience are taken.


[accordion title=”Marjory Wildcraft teaches about Backyard Food Production“]

Marjory Wildcraft teaches you Backyard Food Production, how to Grow Your Own Groceries Marjory Wildcraft teaches about Backyard Food ProductionAugust 13th, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

Marjory Wildcraft is the producer of Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm. Marjory talked about the importance of producing your own food and provide tons of practical tips and techniques for beginners and seasoned gardener alike.


[accordion title=”Roberts brothers on Market Gardening“]

Gerred and John Roberts - market gardeners Roberts brothers on Market GardeningAugust 20th, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

Gerred and John Roberts are market gardeners, growing fresh organic produce for 10 families on 1/5 of an acre.  They talked about their journey to be farmers and the lessons they’ve learned in scaling their production.


[accordion title=”Renee DeGroot on Real Food and Nutrition“]

Renee DeGroot Renee DeGroot on Real Food and NutritionSeptember 3rd, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

Renee DeGroot is a blogger at Culinary Reformation and author of Health for Godly Generations.  Renee discussed the meaning of real food, how to obtain it, and how to approach nutrition and food preparation.


[accordion title=”Noah Sanders on Family Farming“]

Noah Sanders and family Noah Sanders on Family FarmingSeptember 10th, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

Noah Sanders is a farmer, blogger, and author of Born Again Dirt. Noah talked about his family’s journey to go back to the land and implement a sustainable model of small scale farming that honors the Creator’s design.


[accordion title=”Kristin Canty, producer of Farmageddon, on the War on Family Farms“]

Kristin Canty - producer of Farmageddon Kristin Canty, producer of Farmageddon, on the War on Family FarmsSeptember 17th, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

Kristin Canty is the producer of the documentary Farmageddon.  Kristin shared about how she discovered the assault on small farms and her journey to document this important struggle for food freedom.


[accordion title=”Dervaes Family talks about Urban Homesteading“]

Dervaes family - Urban Homesteaders Dervaes Family talks about Urban HomesteadingOctober 1, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

We talk to the Dervaes family, who are urban homesteaders in Pasadena, CA and share their journey on  They grow enough vegetables, fruits, and herbs (over 6,000 lbs a year!) to supply 99% of their family’s produce needs, and still sell over $20,000 in produce to their local community each year!  They also raise small animals for eggs and dairy, do beekeeping, and process their own biodiesel fuel.  You won’t to miss this inspiring presentation!


[accordion title=”Jason Matyas Provides an Action Plan for True Food“]

True Food Action Plan Jason Matyas Provides an Action Plan for True Food

October 15, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

Founder Jason Matyas discusses the wide array of options for growing, sourcing, and storing real food.  He will provide a roadmap, or action plan, for getting started with various methods of obtaining and storing high quality food. Even if you’re already growing, buying local, or otherwise using real food, you won’t want to miss this.


[accordion title=”Kerry Ann Foster on Traditional Holiday Cooking“]

Kerry Ann Foster of Cooking Traditional Foods Kerry Ann Foster on Traditional Holiday Cooking November 20th, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

Kerry Ann Foster is a blogger and teacher at Cooking Traditional Foods, the longest running Traditional Foods Menu Mailer on the internet. Kerry Ann will talk about traditional food preparation for the holidays, with a focus on Thanksgiving.


[accordion title=”2012 in Review: The Year in True Food“]

Jason Matyas and son on farm 2012 in Review: The Year in True Food December 17, 2012, 9:00 pm ET

Founder Jason Matyas provided a review of 2012 – the Year in True Food.  He discussed the events and developments – both victories and setbacks – of the year and reveal trends that are important to be aware of as we enter 2013.  He also offered some key action points for you to consider as you get ready to begin the new year.  End the year strong and be ready for 2013!


[accordion title=”Real Food Storage with KerryAnn Foster“]

Kerry Ann Foster of Cooking Traditional Foods Real Food Storage with KerryAnn FosterJanuary 28, 2013, 9:00 pm ET

We welcome KerryAnn Foster of Cooking Traditional Foods to discuss how to build up your food storage using real food and how to plan to use it when you need it.  She will also provide some helpful insights from her book Real Food Storage that covers this topic in detail.