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Winter Greenhouse Gardening – Planning and Resources

But what about actual fresh vegetables in the winter? For that, we need to reference the amazing work The Winter Harvest Handbook by Eliot Coleman. Coleman lives in Maine. He uses unheated greenhouses. In the winter. Here is how his system works: A single coat of greenhouse plastic and the thinnest row covers.

True Food Defined

True Food is ethical, sustainable, real, and satisfying. It’s a powerful movement made up of many factors which all support each other and which has the potential to encompass the best aspects of recent food trends. Read more…

Can the Family Farm Survive?

The family farm model persists even in the face of consolidation and a punishing regulatory environment. But is it really viable? In my mind, the most important part of farming is that it be financially sustainable. This means that it is able to continue operations without outside capital injection (ie, debt) and without government subsidies. […]