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Joel Salatin talk to farmers and local food activists

The folks from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply recently hosted a luncheon that featured Joel Salatin talking to farmers and local food activists. His talk covers a wide range of issues, and in typical Joel Salatin style, he weaves a beautiful tapestry of agrarian and food related topics.

Specific Food Changes: a List

A concise list of specific changes to think about making in your grocery purchases.

Seeking shalom: Renewing the Regional Foodshed

Our first meeting there was four of us sitting around a table and this past Tuesday we had our fourth meeting with 19 people and a handful of babies and kids running around…

Establishment wages war on family farms, entrepreneurs and craftsmen

Image from thesilicongraybeard.blogspot.com

This past year we have seen the government step up their war on the middle class. The headlines are at times unbelievable, but increasingly predictable. The independent farmer and craftsmen have always been the backbone of this republic and the stubborn defenders of liberty.

Wholesale Alternatives for the Small Farm, Part 2

This series discusses ways that small- and medium-size farms can enter the wholesale market with local produce. In Part 1, I introduced the Food Hub, which I now explain further.

Raw Milk Freedom Riders Ride Again

The Freedom Rider moms rode across the Maryland state line to Pennsylvania to buy raw milk, and they broke Federal law. From there they drove to FDA headquarters and drank raw milk and ate cookies as close to the building as the Department of Homeland Security would let them. The moms want to be heard. Was the FDA listening? Not really.

Food: Cornerstone of Christian Credibility by Joel Salatin; Part Two, Farming and Worldview

Without the philosophy of looking to Scripture and nature first, Joel Salatin declares that “we will never know what science to embrace.

Winter Greenhouse Gardening – Planning and Resources

But what about actual fresh vegetables in the winter? For that, we need to reference the amazing work The Winter Harvest Handbook by Eliot Coleman. Coleman lives in Maine. He uses unheated greenhouses. In the winter. Here is how his system works: A single coat of greenhouse plastic and the thinnest row covers.

All Natural Bee Keeping

I am a Virginian who recently moved to Kenya.  Providentially, I was invited to fix up Juja Farm, the house where Theodore Roosevelt stayed during his safari to Kenya in 1909, and later when he came here to write his autobiography. Though I never kept bees in Virginia, I watched as my g-grandfather did.  And […]

Farmers Markets

In the Northwest where I live, we are coming to the end of the harvest season and likewise, the season for farmer’s markets. Looking back on the summer, a few things about farmer’s markets remain fresh in my memory and give me much to look forward to next spring.