A new edition of Born-Again Dirt, with an added foreword by Joel Salatin, is now available! Newly revised, with editing changes and some bonus material, I am hoping the Lord will use the changes we have made to help encourage more born-again farmers.
I want to thank Mr. Salatin, for his generosity in providing a foreword for this new edition. He is a very busy fellow (speaking 100 days of the year!), but was kind enough to read Born-Again Dirt and take the time to contribute some of his unique, meaningful, and humerous thoughts.
I also want to thank Mr. Jack and Marilou Dody for volunteering their skills in editing, and for all their encouragement.
And many, many thanks go to my typesetter/book guy, Kyle Shepherd! He did a great job putting the first edition together at such quick notice, and has been very patient with me as we worked for a year on getting this new edition out.
You can purchase the new edition here, or use the buttons on the sidebar.
Also, there is now a follow button down in the bottom right-hand side of the screen if you would like to be notified whenever I post a new article (since my posting tends to be erratic).
Your Fellow Steward of the Soil,

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