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Wholesale Alternatives for the Small Farm, Part 2

This series discusses ways that small- and medium-size farms can enter the wholesale market with local produce. In Part 1, I introduced the Food Hub, which I now explain further.

Wholesale Alternatives for the Small Farm

Most small farms look to direct-to-consumer models for their businesses. But the wholesale market is of enormous potential with few players in the local food niche. Barriers to entry are high so those who can figure out solutions will be well-positioned. Part 1 in a series to discuss tools to help small farms access the major wholesale system.

The War on Decentralized Food

The FDA is emboldened by passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act. We are just starting to reap the consequences.

Can the Family Farm Survive?

The family farm model persists even in the face of consolidation and a punishing regulatory environment. But is it really viable? In my mind, the most important part of farming is that it be financially sustainable. This means that it is able to continue operations without outside capital injection (ie, debt) and without government subsidies. […]

An Agricultural Reformation

The small family farm has all but disappeared from our agricultural landscape. In roughly 60 years, this foundational cultural and economic institution became wholly insignificant to the total production of food in our country. In its stead rose corporate and large-scale agriculture which brings with it debt-driven paradigms and centralized production. Corporatized agriculture places the […]