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Germ vs. Terrain Theory

Is pasteurization really all it is made to be? When we kill all microbes in sight, we are killing the good ones, too–and that can be a severe detriment to our health. What if the “terrain” of our body is really a lot more important than any germs that might be lurking somewhere out there? […]

Happy National Milk Day! What are You Drinking?

Today, January 11th is National Milk Day. When milk started being delivered in sterlized glass bottles in 1878 that was a big deal. National Milk Day was established to commemorate this event every January 11th. Most people in America today drink pasteurized milk. The down side-the milk is dead. The enzymes and cultures are changed, the calcium is changed and the protein structure is damaged. Many people have trouble with dairy these days and much of that comes from the pasteurization which alters the proteins and changes the composition of the milk. What are you drinking?

Hungry for Change? Start with a Detox this Weekend

The New Year brings opportunity to make changes to your lifestyle, and what better change to implement than to eat better? From the makers of the new educational film Hungry for Change comes a 3 day detox program that you can implement on a weekend – why not start this weekend?

Best Sourdough Crackers

Have you tried to make homemade crackers? Here’s a technique that works well (using a pasta maker to roll them) and is healthy, too (using a sourdough starter to soak and leaven the flour). Flaky, buttery, salty, tangy…chewy when hot and crispy when cooled. Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Virginia State Delegate Moves to Defend Farmer and Private Property Rights

Good News for the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia! A state delegate is proposing legislation to address local government abuses of power with respect to small farms and private property rights.

Joel Salatin will be among those attending a news conference today to discuss the legislation, named the ‘Boneta Bill’, after Martha Boneta who suffered from abuse at the hands of county officials.

Sustainable Change – A Simple Approach to Eating Better in 2013

Kimchi jars by Chiot's Run

Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions for 2013? I usually don’t make any formal resolutions but I do find it is a good time of year to look at changes in areas like food and eating or organization. But there are a proportionately large number of people who make resolutions and set goals and never fulfill them. Why is that?