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The Christian Philosophy of Food

We are at a special time in history where people are losing trust in the government, in corporations, in diet plans, and in science in general. People have looked to these as authorities on how to eat, but now that these are fading away many are scrambling for an authority to turn to, to determine how they will eat. Opinions abound in all directions on food, but Christians are starting to remember the authority that comes before all, the Word of God. The question arises "If we should act like Christians, how then shall we eat?"

A great confusion reigns among Christians when it comes to food. Ask ten Christians what they think of food, and you’ll probably get eleven answers. And yet we eat several times each day, so we are forced to choose something. The question arises from many Christians who want to live out their faith in real life, “How then shall we eat?” The Christian Philosophy of Food seeks to answer this question and other questions such as:

  • What does the Bible say about wise food choices?
  • What do we do with the Old Testament food laws when Jesus has “declared all foods clean”?
  • What does a Christian culture look like when it comes to food?
  • How are we to produce our food?
  • How do our social systems affect our food?
  • What is a Christian view of beauty as applied to food?
  • How are we to interact with God’s creation in making our food?
Join Peter Bringe as he examines and builds the fundamentals of our food philosophy and their integration into life from a distinctively Christian viewpoint.







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