Homestead Blessings Real Food Pack
Homestead Blessings Real Food Pack


The West ladies – Jasmine, CeCe, Vicki, and Hannah – teach a wide range of skills offered in God’s creation in this unique outdoors collection. These three exciting DVDs — The Art of Gardening, Canning and Herbs — are sure to provide helpful instructional. The fun-filled programs include homemaking skills presented in an educational and entertaining three DVD set. The southern charm and hospitality of the West ladies will welcome you into this beautifully-photographed broadcast-quality series.

The Art of Gardening

Everything from a small container garden in a city backyard to a large vegetable garden, The West Ladies will show you how to create your own beautiful and useful garden. This DVD is packed with helpful instruction to help you grow beautiful healthy flowers and vegetables.


Watch a short segment from The Art of Gardening:

Includes: Composting Pest control Container Gardening Vegetables Potato Patches Climate Conditions Flowers …and much more!

The Art of Canning

The Art of Canningwill teach the basics of canning as well as more advanced techniques and tricks that come from years of experience. This DVD is sure to provide you with the skill-sets you need to can a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.


Watch a short segment from The Art of Canning:

Includes: Equipment Cleaning Sealing Storage Water bath method Pressure method Tomatoes Green Beans Jams Eggs …and much more

The Art of Herbs

The West Ladies instruct and inspire in this DVD that is sure to bring many years of enjoyable benefits to your home. Storage, seasoning, tonics and much more, The Art of Herbswill teach the many ways you can use herbs and the benefits that come from them.


Watch a short segment from The Art of Herbs

Includes: Identifying herbs Easy herbs to grow Storing Herbs Herb butters Teas Vinegars Health Tonics …and much more!

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