Health for Godly Generations Study Guide
Health for Godly Generations Study Guide


I’m sitting outside on my patio in western Montana, gazing at green fields and blue mountains, working on these questions. It’s the first spring day warm enough to comfortable outside, and I’m loving the sunshine and stillness. I just had a whole-food lunch at the picnic table, and two of our steers just sauntered up to the rail fence to say hello. I can hear them breathing and chewing, and it’s great.

I hope that in whatever place you live, you’ll be able to take this book, Health for Godly Generations, and these questions and find some common ground. I hope you’ll start with where you are and the foods that are in your pantry, and appreciate those gifts then seek to improve upon them for yours or your family’s wellbeing.

For the questions that follow, there are not usually right or wrong answers, but answers that will be unique to you. It will be most helpful to keep a blank notebook nearby as you go through this study, and write down your answers, any of the actions that involve writing, and also any other thoughts you have as you progress. If you are doing this in a group, it is helpful to look ahead and locate the additional resources that are suggested (articles and books). Also, if you have any questions about using the study guide, I’m open for questions.

May God bless your pursuit of wellness and use it for His glory.

Renée DeGroot 


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