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Health for Godly Generations by Renee DeGroot


This timely book encourages holiness of lifestyle and wholesomeness of food—and tells how the two harmonize.

“In [this book], Renée discusses the decline of healthy living in America today and what Christians can do for themselves and their families in each generation…I would hope that every Christian family would have this book in their home.” ~Dr. D. Randall Talbot, Dean, Whitefield College

God’s creation and Christian culture are inextricably related. Food, vital for sustenance, is a link between those two realities. The components of diet and lifestyle will either preserve or destroy nature and culture. Cuisine affects health—and more broadly, the world. Deliberate decisions today will shape the strength of Christian families, the endurance of Western culture, and the integrity of the natural environment for decades to come.

Remember. Reform. Rejuvenate. Eat and live with a mind toward history, holiness, and health.

Since the previous century, health has been degenerating while science has progressed and food availability has increased. Simultaneously, the purity of nature and the godliness of culture have been assailed and compromised. That combination is unprecedented in history. To reverse this trend, Christians must consider their place as image-bearers of God and stewards of the earth as they leave a legacy for future generations.

While many men, women, and children love God and are thankful for His blessings, disconnectedness often exists between what is believed and what is practiced everyday. This book bridges this gap and correlates faith with life by drawing in themes from theology, Christian education, history, and nutrition.

Many others do desire to reform their dietary customs. Real truth about nutrition is becoming more prevalent. Now is the perfect opportunity to have hope and to make changes. Health for Godly Generations: a Reformational Perspective will tell you why the pursuit of health is an aspect of honoring God and how this mission can be practically effected in your family.

“The more I read, the more I am convinced of the importance for all Christian families to understand more fully how they can glorify the Lord through what they eat. ~Emily Rose Brookshire, Noble Rose Press


Plus, now get the Study Guide eBook that provides chapter-by-chapter Questions and Actions to help you learn and implement what you learn!

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