Watermelon Sugar Baby

Price: $2.50

Heirloom. This reliable, somewhat drought-tolerant watermelon was developed in 1959. The cute, round, 5-6 pound fruits have reddish orange flesh underneath a rind that is nearly black when ripe. Sugar Baby grows to a fridge friendly size and is a perfect choice for small gardens.


Watermelon – Sugar Baby – Citrullus lanatus

Soil and Water: Watermelon prefers light, loamy, fertile, deep, well-draining soil with a pH of 5.5-6.5. Add plenty of organic matter. Water plants amply until setting out, then water more sparingly. Mulch to prevent weed competition.

Planting and Growing: Start seeds indoors 2-3 weeks before the last frost or sow seeds directly after frost. Set out 3-4 transplants per hill, selecting the strongest two when vines are 1′-2′ long. Watermelons are large vining plants that can take over an extensive garden space. They can be trellised, but use slings to support the developing fruit.

Harvesting and Storage: Harvest melons when the tendril closest to the stem turns dry and brown and the stem becomes brittle. Eat fresh, freeze flesh in a honey-based syrup, or pickle the rind.

  • Soil Temperature: 70-95 °F
  • Planting Depth: 1″-1 1/2″
  • Germination: 10-20 Days
  • Height At Maturity: Vine
  • Sun/Shade: Full Sun
  • Spacing After Thinning: 3′-5′
  • Approx Seeds per Pack: 25 Seeds


Product image via: Peaceful Valley Farm Supply