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What are the best methods for growing crops in Florida in summertime?


I’m planning my very first garden for the fall and I was curious about how we can eat seasonally in Florida. No one farms in the summer here, the sun bakes all the plants. I can’t find one farmer to pick from so I am forced to purchase produce that is not locally grown. Does anyone have any strategic ideas for me?


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1 Answer


Florida's summer season is like the rest of the country's winter season. You can take advantage of microclimates on your property (shady areas, north side of the house, etc) and certain agro technologies (shade cloth, clay foliars, etc) if you want to fight to grow something during the two-month no-grow period (Jul and Aug) or you can grow the remaining 10 months of the year and eat your preserved harvest during those months (think salsas, pesto, green beans, etc). Of course, you can also grow tropical perenials which will produce during that time (mango, papaya, kiwi, etc) but few of our typical western vegetables will produce much in that heat.