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What is the best method for Keeping Chickens inside Electric Netting?

Does anybody else every have problems with laying hens flying out of their electric poultry netting? I have Rhode Island Reds that regularly go right over the top, to the mercy of the coyotes or other predators who may be prowling the area. I actually don’t have it electrified at the moment, but I do shut them up at night. It seems electrifying won’t help as far as the chickens go because they’re not really touching it when they go over. I close their coop at night for protection. What do you think?

Backyard Chickens with Very Small Outdoor Space

We would love to get backyard chickens, but we figured we couldn’t do it because we have very little space in our backyard – we have a pool, which is fenced off with a pool fence, so the remaining grassy area is probably 10’x20′. We thought that was too small for chickens, but I’m reading “Folks, This Ain’t Normal”, and Joel Salatin is talking about apartment-dwellers letting a chicken live in the apartment, in just a 100-gallon aquarium, so I thought, well, gee, our little patch of backyard is better than that! Anyone else keeping happy chickens in a little yard? Thoughts?