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How do you get rid of cabbage worms organically?


It seems I have a type of cabbage worms on my kale. Does anyone know the most effective organic remedy?

Category: asked July 7, 2012

2 Answers


A#5: It’s true – you have to turn the leaves over. Picking, soap and neem are all good. I have paid my kids a penny a worm in the past and they pick them into soapy water.

A#6: Thinking of simmering concoction of garlic, onions and cayenne with a drop of dish soap, then spray on. Will the cayenne have any effect on the leaves? I am wondering if it will damage the leave due to it strong oils.

A#7: DE mixes with Neem oil or Pyganic

I sprayed with neem on top and underneath the leaves, after picking. We’ll see how that works. Thanks.
‎Mike, what do you recommend for a mixture (ratio, etc)?

A#9: I mix Neem according to directions into a 4 gal back pack sprayer then I add 1 cup of DE. Shake vigorously then spray. (‎1/4 cup per gallon)


A#1: DE for any soft bodied pests :)

A#2: Had a lot of them. Hopefully, the predatory wasps will show up to help out, (you could try to build nest sites for them). I went through and picked a lot. Soap can help too.

A#3: Neem oil might help too.

A#4: I like DE but that hasn’t seemed to work well in the past for worms for me. They hang out on the underside of the leaves, so sprinkling DE on top doesn’t do much. I need a spray that can get around and underneath the leaves. Preferably something that works to effect their breathing/respiration with the mist.


I too, use DE. We keep it in a shaker and shake over the leaves and fold the leaves up to get the underside.

I’ve heard DE will kill the good insects also, but we haven’t had much problem.