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The Pilgrims in 1621: Agriculture

Pilgrims with Samoset

As the American holiday of Thanksgiving is celebrated we often will hear some bit of the story of the Pilgrims and their “First Thanksgiving.” Regrettably, their story is often boiled down to the basics and we lose some of its fullness. Here I want to flesh out a small part of the story concerning the Pilgrims’ work in agriculture.

Sustainable Farming – The Dilemma for Young Farmers

USDA is distributing millions in aid to new farmers and ranchers, designed to entice a young workforce to enter the farming occupation, specifically to establish themselves within the developing sustainable niche. This aid is not the support young farmers should desire, nor is it the redemption the USDA craves. The solution is the farmer and his field, free from the tyranny of government regulation and unadulterated by government handouts.

Joel Salatin responds to the “Myth of Sustainable Meat”

We’re big fans of sustainable farming practices that follow God’s design in creation, and as such, we’re big fans of the sustainable farming prophet of our day – Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm. Joel recently wrote a reply to an article published in the NY Times entitled “The Myth of Sustainable Meat” written by James E. McWilliams that was published on April 12th. Joel’s response to this industrial farming propaganda piece is, shall we say, eloquently devastating and a pleasure to read. It will make you smile, for sure.

The Cultural Puzzle and Food

Too often we want to break things down to the specifics and forget that life is interconnected. Instead we can, and should, discuss economics, nutrition, aesthetics, community, etc. all under the subject of food.

Seeking shalom: Renewing the Regional Foodshed

Our first meeting there was four of us sitting around a table and this past Tuesday we had our fourth meeting with 19 people and a handful of babies and kids running around…

Food: Cornerstone of Christian Credibility by Joel Salatin: Part Three, Farming and Community

In this third review of Joel Salatin’s audio message, I want to consider some of his charges regarding community values. Values extend far beyond production methods and health choices, but include the way that people, animals, and God’s creation are considered and treated. Pursuing the establishment of values in our food systems will give us more consistency, and ultimately, credibility.

Food: Cornerstone of Christian Credibility by Joel Salatin; Part Two, Farming and Worldview

Without the philosophy of looking to Scripture and nature first, Joel Salatin declares that “we will never know what science to embrace.

Food: Cornerstone of Christian Credibility by Joel Salatin, Part One

View farming and food as an area to exercise consistency, such that in this—the only area in which some non-Christians will see our faith manifested—we are in harmony with our profession of serving God and believing He created the earth.

The Gentleman Farmer

…the Intellectual Agrarian. It’s time for a new definition of farming—one other than the outdated farm which the younger generation sees as irrelevant, and leaves, heading for the city. We need a definition other than the modern industrial farm which is strapped to the latest technology and the latest subsidies, not to mention patented crops and performance that the industry requires.

An Agricultural Reformation

The small family farm has all but disappeared from our agricultural landscape. In roughly 60 years, this foundational cultural and economic institution became wholly insignificant to the total production of food in our country. In its stead rose corporate and large-scale agriculture which brings with it debt-driven paradigms and centralized production. Corporatized agriculture places the […]