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Centralization in the Food Economy

A full discussion of food will include the social-political and cultural aspects of the environment in which the food will be cultivated, harvested, prepared, and eaten. If our society and culture in general is messed up, our food’s quality will not escape unaffected. It is good for us to then to examine our current system, and the centralization that accompanies it.

Joel Salatin talk to farmers and local food activists

The folks from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply recently hosted a luncheon that featured Joel Salatin talking to farmers and local food activists. His talk covers a wide range of issues, and in typical Joel Salatin style, he weaves a beautiful tapestry of agrarian and food related topics.

Specific Food Changes: a List

A concise list of specific changes to think about making in your grocery purchases.

Steps toward Healthy Eating

One basic approach toward truly healthful eating is to question mainstream health claims and test them against a respect for God’s creation and a respect for the traditions of history.

Use Cold Frames to Beat the Cold

There was really cold weather and snow forecast for our area in the mountains of western Virginia, and I realized they would push the limits of the groundcover cloth I had been using for frost protection. So I grabbed two of the storm window panes I had picked up from Craigslist, took measurements, and built a cold frame to fit the window dimensions.

Raw Milk Freedom Riders Ride Again

The Freedom Rider moms rode across the Maryland state line to Pennsylvania to buy raw milk, and they broke Federal law. From there they drove to FDA headquarters and drank raw milk and ate cookies as close to the building as the Department of Homeland Security would let them. The moms want to be heard. Was the FDA listening? Not really.

Farmers Markets

In the Northwest where I live, we are coming to the end of the harvest season and likewise, the season for farmer’s markets. Looking back on the summer, a few things about farmer’s markets remain fresh in my memory and give me much to look forward to next spring.

True Food Defined

True Food is ethical, sustainable, real, and satisfying. It’s a powerful movement made up of many factors which all support each other and which has the potential to encompass the best aspects of recent food trends. Read more…

Can the Family Farm Survive?

The family farm model persists even in the face of consolidation and a punishing regulatory environment. But is it really viable? In my mind, the most important part of farming is that it be financially sustainable. This means that it is able to continue operations without outside capital injection (ie, debt) and without government subsidies. […]