Making Kimchi for Winter Health

This post is excerpted from The Entwife’s Journal.


Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions for 2013?  I usually don’t make any formal resolutions but I do find it is a good time of year to look at changes in areas like food and eating or organization.

But there are a proportionately large number of people who make resolutions and set goals and never fulfill them.  Why is that?  I think it is in part because those goals and changes are not really sustainable and so we are set up for failure.  In order to succeed we need to look at our new year goals and figure out how to sustain them.  That often means we need to set smaller goals or make them smaller steps that build on one another.

So if your goal is to eat healthier in the new year how can you break that into smaller more sustainable pieces?

  • Make a list of several different ways you could be healthier
  1. Add in fermented foods to your diet.
  2. Start making bone broth.
  3. Start soaking your grains.
  4. Make sourdough bread rather than buying bread.
  5. Stop eating gluten.

You can get the idea.  The above are 5 possible choices, all of which would make anyone’s life healthier who is not already doing these things.

  • Pick one of the above or something else that you feel would be a good choice for you.
  • Brainstorm some different ways to implement your choice.  Make a list of utensils, ingredients,etc that you will need to make your changes.
  • Find a friend who also wants to make changes and get some agreement on accountability.
  • Write down what you plan to do and if it looks too big, break it into smaller parts.
  • Set your day to begin and jump in.

How would this look if you want to eat more fermented foods?

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