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Three Salad Recipes

Carrot Raisin Quinoa Salad ~ Renee’s Taco Salad ~ Romaine Salad with Chicken and Fruit

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Cookware, Cod Liver Oil, and more: Reader Questions

Did you ever wonder about safe, quality cookware? And have you heard of fermented cod liver oil?

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Mental and Nervous Health: Therapeutic Nutrition

Therapeutically treating depression and other mental and nervous conditions through healing foods and other lifestyle factors. Peace with God; allergies and gut flora; healthy fats; B vitamins; minerals; protein; vitamin D; Bach essences; recommended book; chiropractic care, and more. Consider these things if seeking to heal with therapeutic nutrition.

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Discussion Question: As a Born-again Farmer, How do you Manage your Time?

I think one of the main things that I struggle with as a farmer is time management. As many of you know, there always seems to be more than enough work to fill the hours of the day. Many times I feel as though I am treading water trying to keep everything from sinking into disrepair. But as a follower of Christ, I want to be excelling in the work I do for Him, not just getting by. It just is hard, sometimes, to juggle farm production, marketing, maintence, ministry, family, church, and my walk with God. Lately the Lord has been teaching me to just trust Him, walking in obedience to His Spirit each moment of each day, but I know I have much to learn. So I would like to hear what the Lord has taught some of you about managing your time.
Please use the comments section of this post to share thoughts, ideas, testimonies, verses, tools, and practical examples of honoring the Lord in your time management as you work for Him. I hope it will be edifying for us all and will encourage us to be better stewards of the time, talents, and treasures the Lord has entrusted to us.
“In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” Prov. 16:9

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How to Choose a Knife and Cutting Board

A good chef’s knife and cutting board are essential kitchen tools; make sure that you choose products of good quality and of value to you and your style.

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Anatomy of a Meal: Skillet Beef over Vegetables

What to do with beef, onions, zucchini, olives, mint, savory, tarragon, butter, carrots, and spinach?

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10 Things to Know: Acid Reflux

Ten things to learn about acid reflux, and its cause and healing.

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Houston’s Happy Birthday Cake

My nephew’s nutritious, delicious birthday cake of last week’s celebration–and why I’m awake at 3:00 am writing this post…plus pictures of healthy food and happy little boys. : )

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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Have you ever wondered how to keep your kitchen sparkling clean? People have told me I’m a “clean cook”, so I stood at my kitchen counter and wrote down all the things I try to do in order to keep the kitchen clean while cooking. Here is the result!

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Digestive System: Therapeutic Nutrition Series

For digestive health, consider gut-healing diets, eliminating triggers to poor digestion, forgoing mainstream health advice for traditional, and eating cultured foods at every meal.

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