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Tropical Elixir

If you were a scientist out looking for a remote people that had far better health than most of the westernized world and had the ideal average weight, you would find this in the inhabitants of the South Pacific. You might also wonder what they ate. Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Benefits of Grassfed Meat

If you’ve been following–either reading or in your kitchen–the practice of eating traditional foods, it can seem like every food needs something done to it. Not so with meat! Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Food Documentary List

New food documentaries are being produced continually. There is a great need for it, considering that most people are still eating the Standard American Diet. Also, scores of people are waking up to reality and wanting to become as educated as possible about our food. Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Gluten: Not What You Think

A few years ago this wasn’t the case. By now, nearly everyone has heard of someone eating “gluten-free” —if they haven’t tried it themselves. A lot of people try a gluten-free diet, or are recommended to do so, without really understanding what is going on. Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Paleolithic and Primal: Thoughts

With fun charts like the one below, or this Illustrated One Page Upgraded Paleo diet, and dozens of new books on the subject, “Paleo” and “Primal” eating have become quite the trend. (I can’t find the original source, but if you know, do tell. Please overlook a few of the words used.) All versions of […]

Traditional Foods: What They Are

“Healthy” food doesn’t mean anything anymore, it’s been so overused. Terms I am more comfortable with are traditional food, whole food, real food, or nutrient-dense food. But what are they? How do you know? And what’s the big deal? The word “health,” just like “healthcare,” has been appropriated by the mainstream pharmaceutical and commercial food […]

Angela’s Amber Giveaway Winner

The Baltic amber teething necklace donated by Angela’s Amber was won by… Jones Crew! (I’ll email you.) Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing, and look for more drawings to be hosted soon. Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Thoughts on Plant-Based Diets

Plant-based diets, in many circles, are supposed to be the epitome of healthy eating. Grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are the foods of choice, sometimes with the minimal addition of milk and eggs. Here are a few concerns I have about the fairly-common assumption that vegetarian eating is healthier eating. First of all, […]

Test for “Healthy” Ingredients

Are you annoyed by navigating the plethora of recipes, online or in cookbooks or magazines, that claim to be “healthy”? I am. The first question to ask is: healthy by whose standard? The great majority of so-called healthy recipes are interested in only one thing: counting calories. Whatever route it takes to get a reduced […]

Angela’s Amber Teething Necklace: Giveaway

What does amber have to do with food or eating? you may ask. The succinic acid in fossilized amber is a pain reliever and especially helps to soothe the gums of babies while they cut their first teeth. The skin warms the nuggets, releasing the properties that soak into the skin and work their wonders. […]

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