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The Master List of Essential Kitchen Equipment

Often, just purchasing a couple more versatile tools, and discarding piles of single-use electronic tools, can make great strides toward a clutter-free, well-equipped kitchen. An upcoming post will share about knives and cutting boards specifically–the most important tools a cook can have. It’s worth getting good, comfortable, quality products since you will use them often.

Anatomy of a Meal: Salad and Quesadilla

So, here’s the first of a new feature—the anatomy of a meal. I’ll tell why I selected each ingredient. I’d love to hear what you think about this new feature at Culinary Reformation. This was a quick weeknight dinner just for myself, when I worked later than I expected, so hadn’t done much planning ahead, […]

Nourishing Wisdom: Thoughts on the Book

In the quest for healthy food, sometimes we miss the very thing we are trying to increase: whole body health. A holistic lifestyle. Connectedness to the land—indeed connectedness to everything that God created. In his book Nourishing Wisdom: A Mind-Body Approach to Nutrition and Well-Being, author Marc David takes a step away from the common […]

Marching into Spring

After a bit of time away from the blog, I’m coming back to share a warm hello to you and share some plans and ideas for the future. In addition to new photos and a menu, there are a couple survey questions for you, so please chime in with YOUR thoughts. May your spring be […]

Germ vs. Terrain Theory

Is pasteurization really all it is made to be? When we kill all microbes in sight, we are killing the good ones, too–and that can be a severe detriment to our health. What if the “terrain” of our body is really a lot more important than any germs that might be lurking somewhere out there? […]

Best Sourdough Crackers

Have you tried to make homemade crackers? Here’s a technique that works well (using a pasta maker to roll them) and is healthy, too (using a sourdough starter to soak and leaven the flour). Flaky, buttery, salty, tangy…chewy when hot and crispy when cooled. Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Photo Album: Culinary School

Link to my new Facebook album–on the Culinary Reformation page–of 160 pictures from Culinary School. Click on this post to find the link. Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Weight Management: Culinary School

Following are my exam answers to a test in our nutrition class on the book Ultra-Metabolism. It won’t be quite the same as if I wrote a book report for you, but I trust there is still some helpful information. I was very impressed with the explanations on managing metabolism in order to manage weight–and […]

Thanksgiving: Healthy Cooking Tips

Make your Thanksgiving healthier by focusing on superfoods instead of starches and sugars, and making sure you attend to sanitation as well as the sacredness of the holiday. Here’s some ideas. Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Update and Digestive Health Info: Culinary School

Recent happenings at culinary school, including an overview of my digestive health presentation and day of cooking for digestive health. Pictures, too! Read full article on Culinary Reformation

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