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Food: Cornerstone of Christian Credibility by Joel Salatin: Part Three, Farming and Community

In this third review of Joel Salatin’s audio message, I want to consider some of his charges regarding community values. Values extend far beyond production methods and health choices, but include the way that people, animals, and God’s creation are considered and treated. Pursuing the establishment of values in our food systems will give us more consistency, and ultimately, credibility.

Food: Cornerstone of Christian Credibility by Joel Salatin; Part Two, Farming and Worldview

Without the philosophy of looking to Scripture and nature first, Joel Salatin declares that “we will never know what science to embrace.

Food: Cornerstone of Christian Credibility by Joel Salatin, Part One

View farming and food as an area to exercise consistency, such that in this—the only area in which some non-Christians will see our faith manifested—we are in harmony with our profession of serving God and believing He created the earth.

The Gentleman Farmer

…the Intellectual Agrarian. It’s time for a new definition of farming—one other than the outdated farm which the younger generation sees as irrelevant, and leaves, heading for the city. We need a definition other than the modern industrial farm which is strapped to the latest technology and the latest subsidies, not to mention patented crops and performance that the industry requires.

Farmers Markets

In the Northwest where I live, we are coming to the end of the harvest season and likewise, the season for farmer’s markets. Looking back on the summer, a few things about farmer’s markets remain fresh in my memory and give me much to look forward to next spring.

Integrated, Generational Thinking

In your choices, look beyond the immediate desire and the immediate need, and choose food which will truly integrate all that it can, and which will respect the heritage of other generations.

True Food Defined

True Food is ethical, sustainable, real, and satisfying. It’s a powerful movement made up of many factors which all support each other and which has the potential to encompass the best aspects of recent food trends. Read more…

Local vs. Organic Food?

Local food is all about knowledge of food and reduction of transportation costs. Farms that primarily sell locally will often be small farms. Small-scale farmers may choose not to USDA-certify their crop, but they will usually tell the customer how they grew the plants or animals.

Grassroots Renaissance

From baby-carrying and homeschooling, to telecommuting to entrepreneurship to gardening, people are realizing that it feels best to do something ourselves with the people we love—and to do it practically and simply.

Life: Wherever there is Green

The traditional method of understanding nutrition consisted of the macronutrients of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Carbohydrates are energizing; proteins are fortifying; fats are lubricating—to put it basically. New nutrition understanding is pointing to a fourth food source deserving of a prominent place alongside the other three (though comprised of the first three elements) –Green Foods.

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