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Examples: Peanut Butter Pie Recipes

As a followup to this week’s article on discerning “healthy” ingredients, here are a few recipes that showcase those contrasting values: all of them, a popular dessert, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. I came up with this idea when I saw the first recipe while looking for a so-called “healthy” recipe with low-fat ingredients. I had […]

Sugar, Fat, and Salt

Sugar, fat, and salt: the three supposed culprits of ill health. It’s only one-third true, though. Actually, there is much more opposition against saturated fat and salt intake than there is for sugar, when it should be quite the opposite. White sugar (from sugar cane or sugar beets, or similarly, corn syrup) has absolutely no […]

Reason for the Quietness

It’s been a little quiet on this blog the past week, I know. I’ve been busy working outside, making some exciting summer plans (to be announced eventually!), and welcoming a new nephew into the world. I am working on a Study Guide for my book, Health for Godly Generations, which I am very excited about! […]

Choosing and Cooking with Spices

Spices and herbs for cooking should be good quality. We often look for quality in other foods (organic dairy products, grass-fed meat, farm-fresh eggs, and more) but don’t think about spices and the fairly minimal quantities used. It can seem that their value doesn’t matter, but fresh, excellent spices can impart a wonderful depth of […]

Eastern and Western Healthcare

It’s my understanding that in Eastern medicine–Traditional Chinese or Ayurvedic/Indian–doctors are paid to keep you healthy. What an opposite paradigm this is from Western medicine!In Eastern medicine, if you became ill, you found a new doctor. In Western medicine, you go to a doctor if you become ill, and often try numerous avenues without avail […]

French Children’s Meals

There’s a lot I could say, and plan to say, about the noteworthy French perspective on food. For just a quick note about it today, I want to point to you to the following insightful article by a Canadian blogger and francophile (lover of things French). French School Lunch Menus: by Karen le Billon Karen […]

Of Counting Calories

Politically-correct nutrition sees all carbohydrates the same, all starches the same, all sugars the same, and the list goes on. The ultimate test of nutrition is Nutrition Facts, categorized by names and numbers. Calories. Calorie quantities should not be the main test of nutrition, however. (A calorie, for the record, is the unit of heat […]

Don’t Study the Counterfeit

People who are experts in detecting counterfeit money don’t study all the possible ways for it to be counterfeited; they study the real thing. They know real money well enough to catch any imitations. So it is with food! We don’t really need to know all the possible, horrible things that can be done to […]

Eating at Restaurants

While restaurants may be great as a way to have a break from cooking, there are a few reasons it’s almost harder to eat at restaurants than to cook at home. 1. It’s expensive! For what you get, the food costs several times as much as the ingredients used while cooking at home. 2. The […]

Culinary Terms 1

Specific names for foods and their preparation methods are interesting to me; they are melodious, descriptive, and precise. Here are a few to consider in this installment: Tisane: since “tea” is the name for the leaves of the actual tea bush, tisane is the true term for any herbal infusion not made from green, black, […]

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