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New Edition of Born-Again Dirt Available!

  A new edition of Born-Again Dirt, with an added foreword by Joel Salatin, is now available! Newly revised, with editing changes and some bonus material, I am hoping the Lord will use the changes we have made to help encourage more born-again farmers.   I want to thank Mr. Salatin, for his generosity in […]

Discussion Question: As a Born-again Farmer, How do you Manage your Time?

  I think one of the main things that I struggle with as a farmer is time management. As many of you know, there always seems to be more than enough work to fill the hours of the day. Many times I feel as though I am treading water trying to keep everything from sinking […]

Fence Posts and the Provision of God

  As I farm with and for the Lord I enjoy seeing how He reveals himself in little ways, showing that He is sovereign and faithful and sufficient for all I need.   This week we are working on building a fence around a ten acre pasture we cleared last year. Yesterday we marked out […]

The Simplicity of Farming for Christ

  Sometimes the complexity of farming can be a bit overwhelming for me. Every day there are so many decisions to make; what to work on, how to care for plants and animals, what to do to fix a predator problem, etc. Sometimes I wish that I just had someone to tell me what to […]

2013 Born-Again Farm Prayer Day

  On March 14th, join other born-again farmers in praying for each other’s agricultural endeavors.   The farming season is coming fast upon many of us. Lately I have been busy preparing ground, planting early crops, getting ready for new chickens, and working on the all important marketing! Before we get too much further into […]

Thoughts on The Life of the Land

  Wow! Thanks everyone for the great discussion on what the Bible says about the life of the land. You all covered a lot of good points and came up with a lot of helpful Scriptures. I don’t know if I have whole lot more to add, but I will give a few summarizing thoughts. […]

Discussion Question: Is Land Living or Non-living?

Many people, especially in the organic movement, often refer to land as having ‘life’. Obviously much of this comes from earth worship and the idea of ‘Mother Earth’. Others, coming from an industrial mindset, tend to view land as a growing medium used to hold plants in place while they feed on chemical fertilizers. As […]

Suicide Rate for American Farmers Double the Average of Other Occupations

  The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it. Proverbs 10:22   I have heard some depressing stories and read some saddening statistics about the state of the modern farmer, but I was shocked by an excerpt I read from a new book called The Good Food Revolution, by […]

The Reformation of Food and the Family

Next month I will be priveliged to speak at the Reformation of Food and the Family Conference in San Antonio, Texas. This is a groundbreaking conference, seeking to discuss what the Bible says about what we eat. Joel Salatin will be a featured speaker. I am scheduled to do several workshops and panels. Please pray […]

Walk Your Farm with THE Owner

One thing that could help promote a better sense of stewardship in our hearts is taking a walk around the farm. The goal of the walk should not be to dwell on the work you need to do on the farm, but rather to simply walk the farm with its Owner. Apparently God walked with Adam, the first steward, in the garden of Eden. And I think the Lord would enjoy walking with us around the farms He has given us.