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Houston’s Happy Birthday Cake

My nephew’s nutritious, delicious birthday cake of last week’s celebration–and why I’m awake at 3:00 am writing this post…plus pictures of healthy food and happy little boys. : ) Read full article on Culinary Reformation

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Have you ever wondered how to keep your kitchen sparkling clean? People have told me I’m a “clean cook”, so I stood at my kitchen counter and wrote down all the things I try to do in order to keep the kitchen clean while cooking. Here is the result! Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Digestive System: Therapeutic Nutrition Series

For digestive health, consider gut-healing diets, eliminating triggers to poor digestion, forgoing mainstream health advice for traditional, and eating cultured foods at every meal. Read full article on Culinary Reformation

Anatomy of a Meal: How to be Creative

Adapting leftovers into new tastes for another meal, and adapting recipe ideas into a custom luncheon salad. Enjoy! Read full article on Culinary Reformation

White Flour: Read this Article

In some ways white flour is a nutritional villain, but in some ways it’s better than whole wheat flour. Read the article at Butter Believer to find out why. These are just some of the things I’ve started to believe and say myself. You may be surprised–so please follow the link to their article, and […]

Fence Posts and the Provision of God

  As I farm with and for the Lord I enjoy seeing how He reveals himself in little ways, showing that He is sovereign and faithful and sufficient for all I need.   This week we are working on building a fence around a ten acre pasture we cleared last year. Yesterday we marked out […]

The Master List of Essential Kitchen Equipment

Often, just purchasing a couple more versatile tools, and discarding piles of single-use electronic tools, can make great strides toward a clutter-free, well-equipped kitchen. An upcoming post will share about knives and cutting boards specifically–the most important tools a cook can have. It’s worth getting good, comfortable, quality products since you will use them often.

Anatomy of a Meal: Salad and Quesadilla

So, here’s the first of a new feature—the anatomy of a meal. I’ll tell why I selected each ingredient. I’d love to hear what you think about this new feature at Culinary Reformation. This was a quick weeknight dinner just for myself, when I worked later than I expected, so hadn’t done much planning ahead, […]

The Simplicity of Farming for Christ

  Sometimes the complexity of farming can be a bit overwhelming for me. Every day there are so many decisions to make; what to work on, how to care for plants and animals, what to do to fix a predator problem, etc. Sometimes I wish that I just had someone to tell me what to […]

Mini Farming, Self-sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

This book has much useful information and ideas that can help you gain a greater level of independence on fairly small areas of land. Obviously, no one can have total self-sufficiency on a 1/4 acre but the author of this book grows 80% of his family of three’s food on just that much land.

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